OCT 15-18, 2020


Children of the Storm

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Country: South Africa

Category: Feature, First time Filmmaker, International Film, Drama

Synopsis: Five years after their mother passed away 12-year-old Rachel and 5-year- old Jamie are on the road to the virgin gold fields with their father Herman, with hopes of starting a new life. One day, they discover that Jamie has gone in search of his missing pet calf. A fearsome storm is raging and as the first snowflakes fall, a search party goes looking for the boy. Rachel finds him but the driving snow and darkness make it impossible to find their way home. Rachel then makes a brave decision...

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Director: Matthys Boshoff
Screenwriters: Matthys Boshoff
Producers: Johan Kruger
Cast: Stian Bam Zonika De Vries Marius Weyers Sandra Prinsloo Antoinette Louw Seputla Sebogodi Johannes Jordaan