OCT 15-18, 2020



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Country: Various

Category: Shorts, Documentary, Drama

Synopsis: Justice of the Pies: Basil key lime, blue cheese praline pear, lavender lemon—mouth-watering pies by chef Maya-Camille Broussard delight all five senses. Created to honor her father’s legacy as a Chicago criminal defense attorney who could never say no to a good pastry, Justice of the Pies serves not only the most inventive pies in town but also the city’s future talent, by teaching skills like nutrition and budgeting to kids from underserved communities while they bake their first delicious pie. // Rewilding Honeybees: Honeybees, who are essential for agricultural success, are in dire need of new living conditions. Beekeepers lose 40 to 50 percent of their colonies each year, but this is not the case in the wild, where bees exist in healthier, happier conditions. Progressive conservationist Michael Thiele is “re-wilding” honey bees — introducing swarms to habitats that are more conducive to the instinctive preferences that allow them to thrive. // Pant Hoot: A genocide survivor (Stany Nyandwi) transcends overwhelming odds to become a master chimpanzee linguist. // City of Widows: Despite being a group of over 46 million women, widows in India remain one of the most stigmatized, neglected and marginalized groups. City of Widows explores this tragic issue by showing one woman’s, Hari Dasi, emotional journey into widowhood. // My Father The Mover: African electronic Gqom beats motivate kids in the township of Khayelitsha, South Africa to jive through their hardship and find their superpowers. // Todavía Después: In Mayan tradition, the body remains able to feel long after the passing away of the person. Therefore, the cemeteries are long corridors where skulls peek from crates and enjoy the view. Each year, for Day of the Dead, the souls visit the bodies and celebrate with their families.

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