OCT 15-18, 2020



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Country: USA

Category: Feature, International Film

Synopsis: A bride and groom arrive at their lavish honeymoon suite on their wedding night. When the bride, Eleanor (Avigail Harari), discovers her now-husband (Ran Danker) has received a ring as a wedding gift from his ex-girlfriend, a knock-out fight ensues. At Eleanor’s insistence, the newlyweds leave the hotel and set out on an expedition to return the ring. Their simple mission quickly derails into an all-night odyssey through the streets of Jerusalem. Over the course of a single night, the couple are forced to confront past lovers, repressed doubts, and the lives they’ve chosen to leave behind.


Director: Talya Lavie
Screenwriters: Talya Lavie
Producers: Eitan Mansuri, Jonathan Doweck
Cast: Ran Danker, Avigail Harari