OCT 15-18, 2020


Indie Stories

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Country: Various

Category: Shorts

Synopsis: The Last Queen On Earth:A farmer wakes up one morning to an unexpected apocalypse. As the last man alive, he decides to throw caution to the wind and start living his very best life. Office Song: It’s another office affair – one of thousands. But in Office Song, the inner world of ordinary office workers and their humdrum lives bursts into life with poetry and something greater than the sum of their tedious working day is revealed. How Can I Forget: Joe and Connie's awkward blind date takes an interesting turn when they discover that they share the same magical ability. Pipo and Blind Love: Ghosted My Other Suit is Human: A young couple, grieving the loss of their son, hit a difficult point in their relationship as they both struggle to cope. Flip the Switch: A door-to-door saleswoman caught up in the tornado of her boss’s cultish personality unleashes a storm of violence when she realizes that she and her customers have been duped — not only by him and his doctrine of “Flip the Switch!” but by the whole system of Disaster Capitalism.

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