OCT 15-18, 2020


San Diego Scene

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Country: US

Category: Shorts, San Diego Based Film

Synopsis: Old Aquatics: Meaningful human connections can happen anywhere, even on a street corner. Anna: Life can change in an instant. For Anna, a marathon runner, a beach walk in San Diego ends in spinal cord injury. Told she won’t walk again, Anna must find the will to live life anew. A handcycle returns her to marathons. But can she return to a demanding career? Dance Until She Died: Apprehensive painter, Sofia Michelle, confronts her negative inner monologue with the added stress of living in isolation. A blank canvas taunts her and brings Sofia to the edge of creative implosion. Zero Time To Waste - A Family's Journey Toward Sustainability: Zero Time to Waste follows one family’s journey of living zero-waste in the middle of San Diego.. This compelling portrait is a hopeful reimagining of what it looks like to be conscious citizens in the midst of daunting statistics and the peak of consumer culture. Under the Tent: A young couple struggles to physically reconnect on their camping trip. Novena: The eldest daughter of a Filipino-American family, Teresa is caught in the middle of her responsibilities to family and moving forward into adulthood. Novena explores the cultural specificity of Filipino Catholic grieving customs and familial intimacy, and how these relationships can be at times imperfect but not irreparable. The Fish in the Forest: Following Doc White, veteran wildlife photographer and sea captain, on his travels through the channels of Alaska. Alone Together: After breaking off their budding relationship, Julian and Devon struggle to return to their lonely lives apart. With a unique storytelling device, the audience is able to view two characters' stories at once.


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