OCT 15-18, 2020



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Country: Japan

Category: Feature, International Film, Drama

Synopsis: Satoru receives a message from the spiritual world and realizes he has a mission to lead humankind to happiness. While he has contact with the spiritual world, Satoru becomes a successful businessman who everyone envies as an elite employee. He publishes “Spiritual Message” books one after another and to enlighten the world. One day, spirits tell him an overwhelming mission. Satoru tries to rise up to fulfill his mission, but his decision is shaken by the devil’s temptation. In solitude, Satoru chooses to live his mission, leaves everything behind, and steps out onto the stage of Tokyo dome…


Director: Hiroshi Akabane
Screenwriters: Sayaka Okawa
Producers: Ryuho Okawa, Hisaaki Takeuchi, Hidetoshi Momiyama, Yoichi Utebi
Cast: Hiroaki Tanaka, Yoshiko Sengen, Nao Hasegawa, Shiro Namiki, Shunsuke Kubozuka, Miyoko Yoshimoto, Yoshimi Ashikawa, Tamotsu Ishibashi