OCT 15-18, 2020


Wine Reflections

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Country: Russia

Category: Feature, Short Narrative, First time Filmmaker, International Film

Synopsis: French policeman, winemaker from Georgia, two young actors in London, Italian priest, 4 stories of change in people through the prism of a drink that has been following human passions for 8000 years.

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Director: Vitaly Muzychenko
Screenwriters: Vitaly Muzychenko
Producers: Alexandra Korneeva
Cast: Antoine Roux, Jean Noel Martin, Yves Yan, Salim Torki, Zurab Kipshidze, Georgy kipshidze, Rezo Khetsuriani, JAKE WILLIAMS FRANCIS, AMELIA LANDER, STUART SESSIONS, Diego Faciotti, Rudgero Fiorese