OCT 15-18, 2020


You Asked For The Facts: Bobby Kennedy at the University of Mississippi

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Country: U.S.

Category: Documentary, Social Impact Film

Synopsis: Four years after the historic enrollment of James Meredith, student activists devise a plan to defy Mississippi’s unconstitutional “Speaker Ban” and bring Robert F. Kennedy to the University of Mississippi in 1966 to reveal the truth about his secret phone calls with former governor and staunch segregationist, Ross Barnett. Featuring previously unreleased archival footage of Bobby Kennedy and interviews with Ethel Kennedy, James Meredith, and many others, this film offers a glimpse into a timely and lesser known slice of American history.

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Director: Mary Blessey
Screenwriters: documentary
Producers: Mary Blessey
Cast: Mrs. Ethel Kennedy; James Meredith; William F. Winter; Gerald Blessey; Ed Ellington; Reuben Anderson; Frank Thackston; Curtis Wilkie; Ellen Meacham;