OCT 15-18, 2020


Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship Through Film

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Country: NA

Category: Panel

Synopsis: This panel discussion will explore why Mastercard is committed to celebrating women entrepreneurs from around the world. We will discuss why spotlighting these women and their stories helps raise awareness for the crucial role women entrepreneurs and small businesses broadly play in the global economy.

BON V!V Cafe, Saturday, October 17th - 2:00pm

Director: NA
Screenwriters: NA
Producers: NA
Cast: Monica Biagiotti - Mastercard Executive Vice President of Consumer Marketing and Sponsorships // Thomas Morgan, Founder and Filmmaker, Square Zero Films // Michelle Marrion - Director, Justice Of The Pies // Maya-Camille Broussard - Owner/ Chef, Justice Of The Pies Bakery, Subject Of Justice Of The Pies, documentary